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Latest News:

The Ataris NEW music video of the song "In This Diary" has been released! Watch it in the Media Section. Also The Ataris will be on the Late Night with Conan O'Brian Show on March 14th on NBC! Stay up and see them! Last, The Ataris official website has a new layout to go with So Long Astoria, so check it out. Thats it for now!

There is some breaking news regarding the tracklisting for "So Long, Astoria" and settling any confusion of the songs and order of them. The tracklisting was recently confirmed by Kris Roe.

1. So Long, Astoria / 2. Takeoffs And Landings / 3. In This Diary / 4. My Reply / 5. Unopened Letter to the world / 6. The Saddest song / 7. Summer '79 / 8. The Hero Dies In This One / 9. All You Can Ever Learn is what you Already Know / 10. The Boys Of Summer / 11. Radio #2 / 12. Looking back on today / 13.Eight Of Nine

Also look for The Ataris covering the Ramones song "Rock n Roll High School" that comes with the Tribute to the Ramones album which is out next month. Thats it for now. Stay tuned.

The Ataris will set out on a tour of Europe from the end of January to the end of Feburary. Check the Tour Dates for all the information. There is lots of hype as we go into the last couple months until the release of the new album "So Long, Astoria." Earlier this month, The Ataris shot a new music video for the song 'In This Diary' which is off the new album. Look for that on perhaps MTV2 in the near future. Now get ready for the release of "So Long, Astoria" from Columbia Records on March 4th, 2003 in record stores everywhere!

Attention everyone: since Tripod wouldn't let me access the site builder to update my site, i wasnt able to update my site for many months. since my last update, The Ataris have finished recording their new album for Columbia Records, and they've toured the United States, a small part of Canada, and Australia. Look for more frequent updates now. Thanks for your cooperation.

The Ataris along with The Vandals and Pennywise are playing the Long Beach Arena in Long Beach, CA on May 17th, 2002. There will be an internet presale from April 12-19. Also, the Ataris were part of Columbia Record's SXSW music festival in March. Among the songs they played, there were two new songs (you can find them in 'Multimedia' on this site) from their upcoming album on Columbia due out in September/October this year. Right now The Ataris have started in the studio beginning to work on the album, but will be taking it slow for now. Other than that, get ready for the ABH re-release next month!

The Ataris are on their 4 show mid-west tour, having shows in Texas and one in Arizona. then they will continue working on their new album, coming out this summer. every member of the band has written some songs, but kris still writes the lyrics. so far they have together about 12 songs. but after they finish this small tour, they will continue working hard on it. also, dont forget about the re-release of Anywhere But Here, coming out May 28th.

-Straight from the Ataris... -
We will be doing a short headlining tour of the u.s. and canada as soon as the record is completed. Hopefully by Mid-June at the latest. We will be playing intimate sized clubs in mostly all major cities. so no need to e-mail asking where we will be playing cause' we will be playing somewhere near you no matter where you live. Probably after that shortly we will be doing shows in Europe/Australia/N.Z./Japan I would asssume at least by the year's end. If all goes well our new record will be out somwhere around sept./early oct. but that is a very rough guesstimate at this point. Around that time we will obviously be hitting the u.s. and canada again for a much longer and more detalied tour.
-keep your ears opened as things always do change.
-take care, kris, johnny, mike and chris

The release of 'Anywhere But Here 2' is going to be May 28, 2002. The original February release date was postponed due to complications involving the new cover and liner notes.

For the new Ataris cd which will be called 'Don't Ever Compromise What You Believe', The Ataris have worked out 15 new demos all of which have been recorded at Kid Knapp's house. Whereas with previous albums, Kris Roe did all the song writing (or most of), the new cd will be more of a collaboration. Mike wrote a song, Johnny wrote a couple songs and Kid had a hand in some too. Lyrically, the songs will be comprised of lyrics written by Kris and collected in his journal over the span of the last couple years.